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treasure island ks2 musical
the wind in the willows school musical
the wind in the willows pirate

What You Get

Immediate Access!

You will receive links giving you access to a PDF copy of the Script and the Score plus mp3 files of all the tracks once your payment has been received.

Full Production Pack

This includes all of the items listed below, but the Performance Licence is valid for up to 3 performances.

Script & Lyrics
The entire ‘Treasure Island!’ Script. You can copy this and all the items you purchase.


Vocal / Piano Score
The ‘Treasure Island!’ Vocal and Piano Score contains the written sheet music for all the songs.


Production Tracks
These tracks include backings (no vocals) & sound effects.


Vocal Tracks
A definitive recording of songs from the show


Rehearsal Tracks
All the great songs from ‘Treasure Island!’ with vocal tunes played on organ and guitar. Great for those who learn better by ear than by eye!
There are no vocals on these tracks.


Performance Licence
This is your permission to perform 'Treasure Island!'.
e.g. If you are planning 3 performances you need to purchase 3 of these.


Production Notes
A guide to staging; costumes; lighting; music and more…

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