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Here at Kingsbury Creations we are dedicated to adapting well-known and well-loved stories into musicals which are perfect for primary schools and kid's musical theatre groups. With fantastic tales such as The Wind in the Willows and Treasure Island, your productions are sure to be enjoyed by both actors and audiences alike. These classics, adapted by Stephen Kingsbury and Ben Sleep, are both faithful to the spirit of the original stories and huge fun to perform.

It can be hard work producing a musical but with Kingsbury Creations we make it as easy as we can, providing you with scripts, scores, lyrics, backing tracks, rehearsal tracks, production notes, and everything else you'll need to make your production a roaring success. The KS2 school musicals we have created are designed to be entertaining and of course massive fun for all involved, allowing you to showcase the talent of your performers as well as resulting in a host of proud relatives and friends! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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The Full Production Package includes all the materials and licences you will need to perform these fabulous musicals.
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Treasure Island the musical, Treasure Island Production

A Jolly, Salt-encrusted Musical Adventure on the High Seas!

Riotous and inspiring, comical and daring, this show is ideal for kids of all ages and abilities.  It offers loads of lively chorus work and plenty of smaller ensemble and solo moments too!

Listen to songs from Treasure Island school musical

"The timeless tale of adventure, mutiny and friendship is told here through superb, unforgettable songs, witty lyrics and a sparkling dialogue. It captures the breathless and exhilarating mood of the book whilst adding a few irreverent touches that kids will love! Perfect for a school or amateur musical production!"

"I consider it to be the best musical production our school has done in the seven years I have been doing them!"

"Songs were so catchy that they almost learnt themselves - the quality of the songs and script is extraordinary"

"...a terrific mix of comedy, music and drama. The kids fell in love with it!"

Songs: 12 superb songs, great fun, easily learnt and highly contagious!
Duration: approx. 90 minutes in 2 Acts

Over the past 12 years Treasure Island! has proved to be very adaptable and highly suitable for all sorts of groups who enjoy performing stage musicals, including primary schools, junior schools, especially KS2, middle and secondary schools, elementary and high schools; youth theatres; amateur theatre groups, performing arts schools, children's musical clubs and many others!

Wind in the Willows musical for children, Wind in the Willows musical KS2
A Rip-roaring Musical Ride along the Road of Friendship!

Due to the enormous success of Treasure Island and countless requests for more of the same, Kingsbury Creations is delighted to announce this musical adaptation of another literary classic...

Listen to songs from The Wind in the Willows school musical

"Sometimes in life, one finds a little nugget and this is one of them. Stephen Kingsbury and Ben Sleep's version of this delightful classic gives us some simply stunning music to work with and is concise where it needs to be..." 

"What can I say - the show was fantastic and so well received by the sell out audiences...much of this is, of course, down to the wonderfully crafted script and superb music/lyrics..."

"...a pure refreshing delight.  I would recommend it to anyone, big or small, old or young!"

"...this new musical show retains all the wit, whimsy and thrills of the original Kenneth Grahame novel whilst bringing a touch of showbiz to the Riverbank!"

"...We have been entranced from the first rehearsal and  the children have taken to it incredibly quickly..."

Songs: 12 fantastic unforgettable songs
Duration: approx. 90 minutes in 2 Acts

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