The Wind in the Willows
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Character Parts in order of Appearance:
(All characters listed here have solo singing parts unless noted otherwise)


A loyal, dependable and fiercely protective resident of the Riverbank. Rat’s friends come first, he’d run a mile in tight shoes for them!

MOLE Bravery is not his middle name, although he wishes it was. Mole longs for acceptance and grows in stature with the help of his companions. At times quiet and reflective, a riled Mole is not a pretty sight!
TOAD Modest, reserved and humble are the three words Toad would use to describe himself…unfortunately no one else would! Loud, opinionated and (admittedly) very funny, Toad nevertheless endears himself to his loyal friends through his generosity of spirit.
HORSE A minor, but important role – imagine being pulled out of retirement merely on the whim of an excitable amphibian; a cynical antidote to the hysteria of Toad.
CHIEF WEASEL Snide, cunning, nasty and manipulative. He can’t help being a bully, it’s in his nature…

Exudes a quiet authority to all he meets. Not even the Weasels mess with Badger: a natural leader.

(non singing)

A faithful resident of the Riverbank, looking out for his friends.

POLICEMAN Our Policeman is not the sharpest truncheon in the box. Nevertheless, he won’t accept being called a ‘nincompoop’ – well, not by Toad anyway.
NURSE Beautiful, caring and too trusting for her own good. She didn’t count on the wiliness of Toad!
(non singing)

Imagine a stereotypical, draconian tyrant. Then double it. That’s our Judge.

(non singing)
Imagine a stereotypical, draconian tyrant’s greasy assistant. Then double it. That’s our Clerk.
SEA RAT A wandering, nomadic mystery. What Rat may have been had he travelled the world…
(non singing)
All alone in the world, our nervous Mouse is happy to have some company at last, and is pleasantly surprised with the kindness he receives.
(non singing)
A little brash, but probably a founder member of the RSPCA. She doesn’t care for injustice, especially if it concerns animals.
(non singing)

Very brash, and in it for the cash.

PRISON GUARD Almost as bumbling as our Policeman, but don’t bet he won’t use that pike!
STATION CLERK Pedantic and petty. For research, visit any British Rail counter…
ENGINE DRIVER Almost as adventurous as Toad, our Engine Driver is prepared to risk all for a thrill.

Chorus and Ensemble Parts:


They stand for decency, and a quiet life. They’d do anything to avoid the Wild Wood…

WILD WOODERS They stand for manipulation and fear. Happy to scare the Riverbankers in any way they can. They quite like the idea of expanding their little empire…
(non singing)

Pernickety and very excitable. They’ll say what’s on their mind.


Admirers of Toad’s caravan – much more so than Toad in fact…

WEASELS The (sour) cream of the Wild Wood crop. Don’t mess with them, wherever you live…
(non singing)

Busy preparing for winter, they usually start around June.

(non singing)

Following their hearts, they travel far and wide throughout the year.

(non singing)
Below the Weasels, but above the Stoats in the hierarchy of the Wild Wood. Happy to take their envy out on those below them.
STOATS Bossed about by the Ferrets and Weasels, the Stoats know their place, but they’re not happy about it…

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