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The Railway Children
The Girl I Used to Know
music & lyrics by Stephen Kingsbury

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Bobbie There was a girl I used to know
Not so very long ago I saw her smiling
Without a worry in the world.
Where is she now?

There wasn't time to say goodbye
She was too busy building castles in the sky
Although I sometimes wish that she would find me
I know that I just have to let her go
What happened to the girl I used to know?

She used to play some silly games
She'd always win at hide and seek
She used to say, "You'll never find me.
You'll be searching for a week!"
And ev'ryone would try their best to find her
But they knew they never would
She was only hiding then
But now she's lost for good

She thought that happiness would stay
She thought those carefree days would never go away
As children we're forever chasing rainbows
But someday we just have to let them be
That happy little girl I used to know was me

And now I'm all alone and in between
The world I know and a strange new place I never been
But when I see our mother cry
I know that I have grown enough
To understand the reason why

We played in spring without a care
With all the birds and cherry blossom in the air
Like butterflies that live just for the summer
When autumn came I knew she had to go
That's when I lost the girl I used to know

Life was an overflowing cup
Why did we ever have to think of growing up?
Those happy days recede into the distance
But no matter quite how far apart we grow
I'll always love that girl
That silly little girl
I know I'll always love
The girl I used to know