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The Railway Children
It's a Lie!
music & lyrics by Stephen Kingsbury

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Bobbie It's a lie!
They surely can't mean you
I don't believe a word of it can possibly be true!
A cruel and vicious lie!
It's all a big mistake!
You're my Daddy not a crook for goodness sake!

It's a lie!
There's nothing I can say
There's nothing I can do to make this horror go away
But here in black and white
So very cut and dried
Unambiguous and clear
And yet I still don't quite believe
These awful words I'm reading here:
That's your name
The verdict: 'guilty'
The sentence: 'five years'

No! It's a lie!
They've got it very wrong!
It's here at home with us
That's where you belong
They say that you're a spy
Well, how can that be true
I know you'd sooner die
Than have a reason
To commit an act of treason...
It's a lie! It's a lie! It's a lie!

Bobbie bursts into tears.
Peter (from upstairs) Bobbie, come up here, we're all playing Blind Man's Bluff - even Mother. (there is no answer) Bobbie, what is it? What's wrong?
Bobbie Nothing! (she hides the paper in her pocket) I'll be up in a moment.
Peter Are you sure?
Bobbie Yes, yes...I wont be long.
Bobbie If only there was someway of returning
To the safe and cosy world that I once knew
With eyes closed I can see
That happy little me
And how I wish I was the girl I used to...

But what's the use in that!
Hiding from the world?
Am I not old enough or brave enough
To face up to the facts?

No! I must be strong!
And learn to find the truth
However difficult the journey is
I promise I'll not stop until I've shown
It's a lie! It's a lie!
It's a lie! It's a lie! It's a lie!
It's all a big lie!