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What's the Matter with These Lousy People

Delmont Oh, Al, that'd be funny if it wasn't true! What you need to realise have to know your have to create the right roles for your clients...not everyone can be in the movies, but we can all make a living out of acting...
Good morning Mrs Smith
I’ve have the pictures here
The ones of your dear husband
And that woman at the Belvedere
Without wishing to be too direct:
She’s recumbent, he’s erect
I trust they will suffice
Now let’s talk about the price
Signor Bernetti, sir, we need to chat
You wouldn’t want your restaurant
To suffer now.
Just think of that!
We have some friends who sabotage spaghetti
Ratatouille too, Bernetti
Our expenses will accrue
When there’s money overdue
But, Mrs Smith, that’s not the price that we agreed!
Signor Bernetti, I don’t care about the shoes your children need!
We’re not a charity
We need the money now
It’s not a loan
We have expenses of our own

These scumbags, though they have their uses
Always use these lame excuses!

What’s the matter with these lousy people?
Have they no morals?
Trashy little tramps
They come to us with their fights and their quarrels
We run a little business enterprise
With reas’nable prices
It’s those mucky little mothers full of lies
Causing our financial crisis
Everybody seems to know
Apart from our clients
If you have a debt
Then don’t forget
You must cough up and pay it
That is what the godamn law is for!
(We sometimes obey it)
No, what we need’s a sucker with some dough
That’ll be the way
Make a rich guy pay
We’ll trap him in a corner
Then we'll bleed him dry
But we need a bigger fish to fry

(on the phone)

Yeah...Yeah, I know you...
On the backlot...
You sure about that?
Get some details and then call me back.


Well go to hell! Will you just look at that!
A story ‘bout that funny lardy guy
Who wears the tiny hat


His latest movie really sucks


Now they’ve offered him a million bucks


Well how can that be right?
To make a million overnight!

Seems to me it’s quite unfair
That fatty’s now a millionaire

What’s the matter with these lousy people
Look at their egos!
Swaggering around in
Tinsel Town
With their lazy amigos
This is what is wrong with the world today
Sloth is rewarded
Honesty and hard work rarely pay
Lives like ours go unrecorded
Maybe now it’s time for the common worm to be turning
Bring ‘em down to earth with a bang
And then they’ll be learning the hard way
Suddenly the future’s looking good
This could be pay day!
‘Cos we may have found our sucker with some dough
That’ll be the way
Make the fat guy pay
What exactly have we got to lose by aiming high?
‘Cos we’ve found a giant fish to fry!

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