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Stop the Rot  

The crowd gather outside the San Francisco Courthouse. There is unbridled excitement. Police are dealing with the public and press who are there to catch a glimpse of Arbuckle. Into the crowd steps Brady, Prosecution Attorney. Slightly taken aback by the furore, he stands at the Courthouse steps and attempts to settle what is fast becoming an angry mob.


Ladies and gentlemen
Just take a moment, settle down now
I have a statement here
A short announcement on behalf of the witness
You might want to hear this
The proof is overwhelming

Arbuckle, a man we took into our hearts and homes
A funny guy
Whose reputation's nothing but a lie he's been living
He's proved our misgivings
And now the rat is cornered
This case is moving forward

Everything we feared we knew about old Hollywood is coming true
The proof is indisputable and clear
It's men like him who prey on innocents and unknowns
He's lived the life of Riley
No more of this jester
We'll silence this molester
That poor girl was taken for a reason
It's time for us to stop the rot

Brady Now I can't go into specifics, but Miss Rappe suffered massive internal injuries which I believe took place during a struggle in Mr Arbuckle's bedroom.

Wickedness! Immorality!
A bottomless pit with an odious stink
Ubiquitous criminality!

Brady The depths to which dirty degenerate wretches will sink
Crowd We know all the decadent details
The papers have told us the lot!
Brady Ev’ry seedy depiction more filthy than fiction
Believe it or not
Crowd Have all of 'em shot!
Brady The state of the State is now making the headlines
California is starting to rot!
Angry woman 1 Well? What are you gonna do about it?
Angry woman 2 Yeah! Why are people like him even allowed in 'Frisco!

Those actors and those impresarios
Taking advantage of innocent talent
Yes, all of them dirty Lotharios
Lascivious, lecherous, treacherous decadent dogs!

Crowd We know what goes on at those soirees
Promiscuous parties or what!
Brady Even the writers are drinking so much they are losing the plot
Crowd Give a Jew too much dough and then what have you got?
Brady It’s time we called time on these low-lives
It’s time that we stopped the rot!
Women of the WCTU Soldiers of virtue
Defending the nation
Saving the herd From eternal damnation
We’ve outlawed the bottle
Now let's ban fornication
Protecting the innocent
Solo From vile, dang'rous bastards like him
Brady Chastity, sobriety
These qualities made this country great
Charity, piety
Our passions are pure but there's none of them purer than hate
Crowd Disgraceful! Indefensible!
Brady How could anyone harm such a beautiful creature?
Crowd Despicable! Reprehensible!
Brady He's guilty as hell
You can tell by the look on his face!
Crowd The things they get up to in Hollywood!
Those villains deserve to be shot
Brady Behaving like animals whether the cameras are rolling or not
Crowd String 'em up and then leave 'em to rot
Brady Well, the hangman is there in the shadows
And he's starting to tie his knot!
Arbuckle appears on the steps.
Crowd Hey, Mister funny man!
They’re coming to get ya
You’re not gonna walk free
They’re not gonna let ya
You gave us a laugh or two
But we'd sooner forget ya
Your downfall will clear the air
Solo As they fry your fat ass on the chair
Crowd It's quite revolting
The things that you read in the papers
It’s just outrageous
Those sordid little capers
Orgies and boozing
And lives that are oozing with sin
Women of the WCTU This country's hull is rusting
The wreck is quite disgusting!
Crowd Sickening acts of depravity
Are now becoming commonplace
What would the founding fathers make of that!
It's time the flames of hell consumed that portion of the population
Living like that fatty acrobat
He's guilty, a liar
No smoke without a fire!
You're the moral fibre that's decaying
While you’re around the bleeding wounds will never clot
You're the one who’ll pay the price
The holy cow we'll sacrifice
Anything to stop the rot!

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