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Silent Star  

Pandemonium breaks out in the Courtroom. People are shouting, laughing, goading Roscoe. It is close to a fight. In an instant, the stage is black - a single spotlight shines on Roscoe:


I can see them still it seems
The tears of a thousand laughing faces
Could hold an audience in my hand
A comic world at my command

I hear it ringing still
Though the laughter's nothing but an echo
An audience at a different circus
Leering eyes, one purpose

A broken soul
A lonely star performs for their amusement
A tragic part he never asked to play
The masquerade
Of a humbled man whose spotlight needs to fade

The laughter's different now
Callous jeers that spread across a nation
The clamouring of a moral clan
The mocking of a fallen man

If life's a stage I ask for
One last turn, one encore
Let me hear the laughter
Which I know that I was born for

The victim of a merry dance
Now begging for a final chance
Still seeking a dream, one high life
Finding his feet, his limelight
Standing tall

God, let the laughter stop
Take the reins and lead me from this circus
A babbling crowd who've gathered here to see
A different me
From a future that was never meant to be

There's nothing funny now
The only joke is standing here before you
a comic gambler took the final stand
But lost the hand
The joke they played so deftly from a far
The joke that killed this silent star

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