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Buster's Lament  

Buster I'm his friend! I'm his friend, you hear me?!
BUSTER picks up a bottle from the table and throws it after SAM.


Chase away the warmth
Let Winter swallow Spring
There’s no need for the seasons now
So gather up the birds and tell them not to sing

And who am I at all?
And who am I to ride the wave and watch you fall?
The plans we had were made for two
How can I be me, if I don’t have you?
When loyalty decreases, you take your thirty pieces

Do I need to bear the shame?
Who says he wouldn’t do the same?
I can look him in the eye and tell him fair is fair
Now a future lies before me that has answered every prayer
So to live a life repenting, well that’s not my cross to bear

And surely if he knew, I had this chance to live up to
He would laugh, he would cry, he would sing
He would die before he’d let
Me face just one regret
Every word of that is true
He would wish the same for you
Now the journey’s at an end, am I still my best friend’s friend?

He wouldn’t need to know a reason
Why should I feel I’ve been untrue?
We never said it was forever
But friends, well friends come through

The decision wasn’t mine
God has a funny sense of time
To present me with a dream that can’t be shared with you
And no matter what they said
They wish it still was you instead
‘Cos they only choose the monkey if the organ grinder’s dead

And now I’m on my way
There’s only one thing I can say
That every trip, every fall, every slip, every brawl belongs to you
Every laugh I ever knew
And in everything I do
It’s still you I’m looking to

So please forgive me when I say
This dream I have can’t slip away
It’s a lifetime I’ve been fighting and this chance has struck like lightning
And to let it just fade from view, I can’t
My future’s me and the past is you
No matter how this ends
I know we’re still our best friends' friends 

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